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The Photobooth Pod, is great for


Taking up very little space.

Easy access for elderly ot disabeled people.

Can be called a selfie pod.

Captures the back drop of your event or banners, branding or green screen.



The Inflatable Booth


This is great for venues with high ceilings as it is around 9ft high.

Looks a great centre peice


Oval Standard Style of booth


This is the latest Mac software photo booth, much, much more uptdate and lots more features than normal windows based booths.


This has facial recognition, with props you can add digittaly at a touch of a button, green screen built in with every backdrop you could ever want plus your choice. You can add filters to the photos simular to Instagram.

You can sing Marryoke and have everyone who has joined in, put into one song so they all end up signing one line each and have it all finished in a video. This booth is incredible and finished in Black Chesterfield cover skin.


Magic Mirror, Selfie Mirror


Want full length photos like you can'thave from a booth.

Girls wanna capture your full outfit and shoes? This does exactly that.

Full touch screen

You can add personalisation to your images by writing on the screen of the mirror, add emojis with your finger.

This looks amazing! in any enviroment and is quickly necoming the number one choice for Weddings and special occasions as it just looks so classy.


“We have the perfect booth, for your perfect event.”

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